Shaggy Dog Chronicle

Review by Rea Keech

If everything in this book is not a chronicle of exactly what actually happened to the writer, then it’s hard to say why it was written. The events, whether recalled or occurring in the present, certainly don’t make an interesting or coherent story. We hear Sonia’s husband/divorce problems, and that is not enough. We also hear her friend Inga’s husband/divorce problems—and then even Inga’s mother’s husband/family problems. Our trust that the story (stories) must be heading somewhere is the only thing that keeps us reading. It seems like Sonia is going to have a life-changing epiphany. Maybe her introduction to the Sami culture in Sweden will be what she needs. Maybe it will be her search for her family roots. We keep reading, waiting . . . .

I was sent a copy of this book by Kindle Scout as thanks for nominating it.