by Thomas Keech

Dr. Hartwicke Zeus sexually preys upon his women patients, including Diane, a suburban teenager who feels guilty and lost after having previously given away her baby girl. Zeus relishes the challenge of bending his intelligent and spirited young patient to his will. The Board of Medicine knows what Dr. Zeus is doing, but its young investigator is repeatedly thwarted in his attempt to bring Zeus to justice.

“With Zeus, Keech (Hot Box in the Pizza District, 2015, etc.) draws a remarkably accurate picture of an especially dangerous form of sociopath–not the serial killer of the public imagination but a white-coated, well-educated, and highly respected doctor. ….
The plot moves with energy, building toward a dramatic but believable conclusion. It’s hugely satisfying watching the efforts of Dave and his team as they try to expose Zeus’s lies. ….
A complex, multilayered, and psychologically acute tale about a predatory physician: well done.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Star Rating: 5/5 …. The split narrative is as exciting as the plot itself and keeps you hooked in the best possible way!”
Manhattan Book Review

“Star Rating: 4/5 …. Overall, it is a well put together crime drama that reads quickly and well ….”
San Francisco Book Review

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