Kingpin Press

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Ridden hard and loved wrong as a child, Candy knows she’s good at just one thing, and she learns to make the most of it. Tough, smart, and sexy, she ravages the bank accounts and egos of her male clients. But she’s never satisfied, and she can’t control the cravings that suck her back into her sordid past.

About the author:

Jake Lynchpin, Jr., drives the bus for the Thirty-Second First Revival Church, located in his home town of Chattahoochee, Tennessee. He wrote, edited, and published Hooked Up during his time waiting for the weekly Senior Sunday School classes to dismiss. Named “Most likely to succeed” in middle school, Jake has earned the “Bus Driver of the Year” award too many times to count. Jake lives with his mother, 6 dogs, and 15 cats. He is frequently spotted at local yard sales and flea markets.


   “Gobs of sex, violence and passion coughed out onto the page. Good book.”  –American Biker Literary Review


“Horrific and disgusting.  I’m making a novena for the revival of the Legion of Decency.” Sister Mary Aloysius Garmble, SSND


   “Not recommended.” –Brother Philip Waller, Pastor, Thirty-Second First Revival Church, Chattahoochee, Tennessee